"Learn How To Easily Get
Your Own Car Dealer License"

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MOST ASKED QUESTION #1: Is it possible to get your car dealers license WITHOUT a "Car Lot"?Dealer License Manual

You bet your bottom dollar there is! You don't NEED a "car lot" to get a dealer license but you will need a "commercial location". My recommendations are clearly laid out in the training material. Once you see my plan, you will immediately see why it makes economical sense.

How do I get my own auto dealers license?

The truth is... there are MANY things you don't' know, that you don't know. Those are things that will come back to bite you in the butt. You have BETTER know those things BEFORE you even start down the road to get your dealers license.

I have put together this downloaded PDF teaching you everything you NEED to know BEFORE you get your dealers license! It's only $49! I am going to cover location types, how to get your license as cheaply as possible, how to get a bond & dealer insurance, ... you name it, I have covered it.

SCAM ALERT & WARNING: Should I use one of these 'dealer license' websites?

If ANYONE is promising to 'lease' you a dealers license OR promise to your OWN dealers license in ANOTHER state - RUN. I have YET to know of a state that allows you to have a dealers license in Indiana and conduct a full time car business while you live and sell cars in Texas! Just call up your states dealer licensing department and ASK them. Ask, "If I get my license in another state and sell the cars locally, can I?" AND.. THEN.. LISTEN to the answer! Your state wants to PROTECT its RESIDENTS THUS they WILL require you to get a LICENSE in YOUR STATE if you want to do BUSINESS in that state. Be careful. You have been warned. I have seen more than one of these explode. People went to jail AND many lost a lot of money!
A few thoughts for you:
  1. If you are wanting to operate a REAL used car business, don't waste your time and energy trying to figure out how to get around the car dealer license regulations. Getting your license is NOT the expensive part of this business folks. It's simply a cost of doing business. The profit potential FAR exceeds this price. PLUS, its kinda near to drive your inventory around with a dealer plate on it.
  2. Getting your license (any license for that matter) from your state IS a hassle and a bit of a pain. Deal with it. Once again, is it worth the time, hassle, and frustration? Of course!
  3. You are NOT going to get your license out of your house. Forget about it. Don't thinking about it. Refer to #1!
This download will cover items such as:
  • Insurance
  • Bonding
  • Location Analysis
  • Typical Paperwork
  • and more....

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